• Interrupted Sleep?

    Mineral imbalances set your entire nervous system on edge, contributing to sleep interruptions.

  • Struggling with Sugar Cravings?

    Micronutrient deficiency is often called the "Hidden Hunger." Hungry cells crave quick energy, which causes sugar cravings.

  • Menstrual Cramping?

    All cramping is associated with mineral deficiency. Feed those cells and you'll lose the cramps.

  • Feeling Irritable?

    Energy in the brain is fueled by minerals. Often, moodiness and mental lethargy are simply symptoms of mineral deficiency.

BEAM Minerals for Women

Women, in particular, experience mineral deficiency throughout their lives as their bodies adjust to hormonal changes associated with puberty, menstruation, child birth, lactation and menopause.

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The Benefits of Mineral Supplementation

Fit Mother Project Podcast

In this episode, you’ll meet Caroline Alan, a mineral enthusiast and the co-founder and CEO of BEAM Minerals, which provides humic and fulvic mineral supplements.

  • What our Customers Say

    I take them daily!

    I take the Advanced Electrolyte & Micronutrient Support daily. I work in the Mojave Desert where it gets 110°F plus on a regular basis and so I sweat more than average daily. Replenishing my electrolytes and hydration daily is a non negotiable. This product is perfect for my needs.

    - Kim

Common Signs of Mineral Deficiency in Women


Mood Swings

Low Energy

Hair Loss

These common experiences are all signs of mineral and micronutrient deficiency and need to be taken seriously. While many women experience these, it is not necessary to live in depeletion. Providing effective mineral and mircronutrient supplementation, via plant-based minerals, can suppoort the body to gain and maintain healthy energy production and balance.

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  • The Advanced Set

  • Reduces Fatigue
    Supports Energy Production

  • Reduces Cravings

  • Promotes Healthy
    Gut microbiome

  • Promotes restful sleep

The Advanced Set provides all the electrolytes and micronutrients to help you move gracefully through the different hormonal cycles and life chapters that affect you as a woman. This simple solution gives you the full spectrum of minerals your body needs to energize your system, minimize cravings and reduce fatigue, all while promoting restful sleep. Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ provide a highly bioavailable source of electrolytes, trace minerals, micronutrients, vitamins, and amino acids.


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