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You may be wondering how to incorporate your BEAM Minerals products into your health routine? We recommend the following best practices:

  • BEAM Minerals are so gentle that they can be taken on an empty stomach and during intermittent fasting. As always, you need to determine what works best for you.
  • BEAM Minerals can be taken at any time of the day. Most people prefer taking the products as part of their morning supplementation practices.
  • For the first week, do not change your other supplementation. It is usually best to make changes gradually to give your body some time to adjust.
  • Start by taking 1 fl. oz. (approximately one capful) of Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ daily. BEAM Minerals is 100% bio-available and most people feel a boost very quickly! Do not worry if you don't feel anything right away, just keep taking them! Everyone’s body is unique and yours may need a little more time to respond.
  • Listen to your body! If you think you need more electrolytes and minerals, take an extra half to a full ounce of Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™.
  • During the second week you can begin to taper off on your other electrolyte supplementation – this is optional of course! Once your system has adjusted, you may not need any other electrolyte or micronutrient supplementation.
  • After two weeks you can move to a maintenance mode and take 1/2 oz (approximately 1/2 capful) of Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ daily.
  • If you are super active or engage in intense workouts, you probably burn more electrolytes. Try adding an extra 1/2 oz (approximately 1/2 capful) of Electrolyze™ before your workouts and experience the difference.
  • If you still have cramping or body aches, try using BEAM Minerals Insta-Lytes™. Just spray it on for an instant electrolyte infusion exactly where you need it. Spray directly on muscles before or after workouts to reduce soreness caused by lactic acid build-up.

Electrolyze™ is primarily composed of Fulvic Mineral Complexes. Fulvic complexes are small molecules that provide inter-cellular transport for nutritional elements into the cells and carry bio-waste out of the cells. Fulvic complexes are flavonoids, which provide many benefits in the body.

Micro-BOOST™ is primarily composed of the Humic Mineral Complexes. Humic complexes are large molecules that are extra-cellular, meaning they do not enter the cells but stay outside the cells. They are highly-charged molecules that attract, through their electrical charge, bio-waste, free radicals and heavy metals. They ultimately carry bio-waste out of the body. Thus, we call them “Nature’s Janitor”.

The answer is no, both products stand alone. That said, Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ taken together offer the absolute best electrolyte and micronutrient support.

• If you are taking either one of them alone, the maintenance amount is 1 fl. oz daily (approximately one capful). Each bottle is approximately a one-month supply.
• If you are taking both Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™, the maintenance amount is ½ fl. ounce daily (approximately ½ capful). The Advanced Support Set is approximately a two-month supply

No, Electro-BOOST™ is a trace mineral electrolyte and micronutrient supplement. Electro-BOOST™ capsules contain 70+ naturally occurring, trace electrolytes, minerals, micronutrients, phyo-nutrients, amino acids and vitamins in a vegan gelatin capsule.

BEAM Minerals products do not contain sweeteners, stimulants, calories, carbohydrates or harmful chemicals.

Insta-Lytes is a 100% bioavailable electrolyte misting spray. Insta-Lytes does not have a scent and is composed of nothing but electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids and pure ionized water. The spray delivery system allows you to apply electrolytes directly where you need them most. Just spray it on and it will start working immediately as it is absorbed directly through the skin.

Here’s some pointers for use:

  • If you have an acute cramp, just spray it on -- most people notice relief almost immediately.
  • Keep a bottle by your bed at night if you tend to get leg cramps at night!
  • Did you have an intense workout and now are experiencing soreness related to lactic acid buildup? Spray Insta-Lytes on the area and see what happens.
  • Did you stay out in sun too long golfing, surfing, swimming or hiking? You will be amazed by the relief Insta-Lytes provides to acute sunburn.

Yes, in fact, BEAM Minerals will enhance the bioavailability of all your other supplements.

The quantities of each element in BEAM Minerals products are measured in “parts per million” (ppm), rather than the “milligrams” (mg). Here is the information which usually helps to understand the difference:

Milligrams (mg) vs parts per million (ppm)

In comparing our products to other supplements, people want to know how much of an electrolyte is in our products (like potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium). Usually they are looking for an amount in milligrams (mg).

We have a hard time answering that question, because the electrolytes (and other elements) in BEAM Minerals products are measured in parts per million (ppm). So how can consumers compare?

The answer is a little complex, but here’s the high points.

  • The electrolytes in BEAM Minerals products are provided in “trace” amounts that are completely dissolved and thus 100% bio-available, immediately introduced into your circulation when you consumed them and will produce and active effect.
  • When you take a 320mg pill of magnesium, your body is only able utilize about 12-20% of it as it takes some time because your body has to digest it first. Whatever is not dissolved gets processed out of your body.
  • When you take a capful of liquid Electrolyze™ and/or Micro-BOOST™, you receive approximately 5.22 ppm of magnesium in which 100% of the magnesium is immediately available to your body. In addition, an important to know is that the magnesium in BEAM Minerals products stay in your system much longer building up healthy levels as you continue to take it daily.

Trace electrolytes and minerals are chemical elements whose concentration (or other measure of amount) is very low and thus considered a "trace amount". Your body needs trace electrolytes and minerals to function properly and these elements are regularly depleted through the body’s expenditure of energy.

It is important to understand that the body, at a cellular level, can only utilize electrolytes and minerals when they are in these micro or “trace” configurations. When the body is given a powdered electrolyte or mineral, it must first break it down into a micro or “trace” elements before it can be utilized.

Thus, the power of BEAM Minerals – liquid electrolytes and micronutrients that are 100% bio-available and immediately ready for your body to utilize them.

Fulvic and humic complexes are used by every plant and animal on earth to optimize cellular nutrition and to support systemic detoxification.

For those of you who are scientifically inclined, the actual process of creating fulvic complexes requires multiple, specific microbes to metabolize plants and excrete substances, all in very specific order. This process breaks down plants into their “trace” components and results in fulvic and humic complexes.

These complexes work in a beautifully concerted manner:

  • Fulvic complexes, which are super small (compared to a single cell), carry nutrients into your cells and toxins out of your cells. Fulvic complexes are the delivery vehicles for your cells.
  • Humic complexes which are very large (compared to a cell) gather and then rid your body of toxins, bio-waste, free radicals and heavy metals. Humic complexes are the janitors for your body.

No, BEAM Minerals will not break a fast. BEAM Mineral products are made from fulvic and humic complexes and pure water. There is no significant caloric value in BEAM Minerals. There are also no additives, sweeteners, fillers.

Yes! BEAM Minerals products are completely organic. In fact, because they are made from rain forests that decomposed millions of years ago. They are free of the environmental toxins that are present in our modern environment.

Yes, BEAM Minerals is safe for kids. We all need to restore electrolytes and minerals including children! Simply adjust the recommended daily amount for the size/weight of your child. For example: the suggested amount for a 170lb adult is 1/2 oz. So, a small child (20-40 lbs) might only need a dropperful. Don't worry too much about exact amounts. We are all of us mineral deficient and the trace minerals in our products are in amounts that don't create system imbalances. Their efficacy is in their molecular structure and in their bioavailability. If you have any concerns, please check with your healthcare professional before use.

The answer is zero. Zero calories, zero carbs, zero chemicals.

People usually ask about the BCAAs in our products because they are concerned that BEAM Minerals will break a fast. So, the first thing to know about our products is that they do not break a fast.

It is important to understand that the amino acids (electrolytes and minerals) in our products are in trace amounts and are a naturally occurring part of the humic and fulvic complexes that our products are made from.

People who are fasting do not want to take mega-doses of BCAAs in pill or powder form because they can break their fast.

The trace amounts of naturally occurring (not added) amino acids in our products are in such small amounts that they don't break a fast. Instead, they provide cellular support throughout a fast, for cellular nutrition, detoxification and healing. For this reason, Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ are the ideal support for a fasting.

All the minerals in our products exist naturally everywhere -- this is a natural thing, as earth and our bodies, are literally made of minerals!

It is only when humans use minerals, in unnatural concentrated quantities, such as in manufacturing processes, that these minerals become toxic. Many of the minerals like tin, nickel, silver, barium bromine, etc. are used in the manufacture of all sorts of things including building materials, computer chips, fertilizers, detergents, even kitty litter. The amounts used in these manufacturing processes are artificially concentrated amounts, which when tossed into landfill, leach into soils and the environment in unnatural quantities and can be toxic.

The trace minerals in our products are a naturally occurring part of the humic and fulvic complexes from which our products are derived! These complexes are a natural result of decomposed plants.   One of the great things about the plant-based mineral complexes (humic and fulvic) in BEAM Minerals is that they are derived from ancient plant deposits so they have not come into contact with current environmental contaminants. In addition, they are not, in any way, a result of contamination from unnatural forms of environmental pollution.  

It is important to understand that there are, naturally, the same kinds of trace minerals in the foods we eat regularly. In fact, we need these trace minerals. They are absolutely key to our health!

So, we are on a mission to help people understand trace minerals and how they are used at a cellular level, by every plant and animal on earth -- to uptake nutrients into the cells and also to detox our systems. The depletion of these trace minerals contributes to many chronic issues including all sorts of inflammation and system imbalances that are being experienced by so many people.  

If you would like more information about fulvic and humic substances from which our products are derived, please send us an email at info@beamminerals.com.

Taking Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ regularly costs way less than a cup of coffee and even better, it gives you energy by feeding your cells, instead of hyping your system!

On a maintenance amount of Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ (0.5 fl. oz. per day or half a capful), you will spend approximately $1.00 per day. The beauty of these electrolyte and micronutrient supplements is that taking them increases the efficacy of all of the other supplementation and nutrition you take in.

Many people find that their need for other electrolyte supplementation goes away once they have loaded their system with Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™.

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Electro-BOOST is a powdered form of BOTH Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST, sealed in a capsule for easy consumption.

Because the capsule is made from a powder, it is not as bioavailable and does require digestion before it enters your circulation. However, it is much more concentrated, so it works very well.

Just one capsule per day provides all of the electrolyte and micronutrient supplementation necessary for great cellular support. If a person is an athlete or super active, they may find that 2 capsules per day works better for them.

We always recommend BEAM Minerals liquid supplements as the GOLD Standard, but Electro-BOOST capsules are great for travel, for people that find taking a capsule easier or for people with a tight budget.

Shilajit is also a humic substance, but there some key differences:

1) The humic substances in our products are sourced in the USA, from the richest source (found to date) on earth. Shilajit is sourced from the Himalayas.
2) Shiljit tastes absolutely horrible, while our liquid minerals taste like water. 
3) Shilajit, in its natural form needs to be digested first, before its mineral content can be absorbed by the body. Our liquid mineral products are 100% ionized, no digestion required, making them 100% bioavailable (absorbable), the minute you drink them.

BEAM Minerals' bottles are HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene); they are recommended by The Green Guide, and are certified safe and guaranteed NOT to transfer anything toxic into the product because they don't contain anything toxic. In fact the Green Guide even recommends HDPE for baby bottles - that's how safe they are.

In independent lab tests done by certified facilities, HDPE has passed rigorous testing using acid leaching agents, in extreme high heat conditions. HDPE was found to be so non-reactive that no chemicals, toxins, or foreign materials whatsoever, in any form, were detected in the contents of the bottle. This isn't surprising since the composition of the bottle does not contain any of these things.

HDPE bottles come from technology developed specifically to deal with the issue of transference of toxins from the bottle to the consumable product it contains. Rigorous documented testing of HDPE bottles under the most extreme circumstances has proved this again and again. HDPE bottles are made from polyethylene, or polypropylene, NOT polycarbonate. 


Micro-BOOST and Electrolyze are very different as the both have specific capacities.  The unique capacities of the humic molecules in Micro-BOOST include gentle, continuous, full-system detoxification and the increase of cell-wall permeability. The unique capacities of the Fulvic Molecules in the Electrolyze include enhanced intercellular transportation of nutrients and minerals into the cells and for biowaste and toxins out of the cells.

The Micro-BOOST formulation includes some fulvic as the two products interact to keep the Humic molecule in ionic suspension.  This means that the humic molecules:

  • Don’t precipitate out  – so you never need to shake the bottle 
  • Requires no digestion – so they are completely ready for absorption

 We  call Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST together the Advanced Set, as together they provide:

  • Full-spectrum mineral replenishment in a highly bioavailable format
  • Enhanced transportation for those minerals (as well as all your other nutrition), into the cells
  • Enhanced intercellular detoxification – removal of stored bio-waste, heavy metals and toxins from the cells
  • Full system detoxification – removal of toxins, heavy metals and bio-waste from your body