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Unlock the Power of Plant-Based Minerals


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Everyday Wellness Podcast | Episode 349

Coming from the corporate world, Caroline struggled until she discovered the incredible ability of plant-based minerals to support the body and restore its natural balance. She is now devoted to educating people about the benefits of mineral replenishment and the efficacy of plant-based humic and fulvic substances.


In today’s discussion, Caroline shares her journey, and we dive into why we experience such significant mineral depletions in our modern-day lifestyles, looking at hidden hunger and the role of our mitochondria. We discuss the interrelationship between mineral storage and adrenal health, the extensive background of plant-based minerals, and the etiology of cramps and hydration. We also explore the signs and symptoms of mineral depletion and explain how to take mineral products for the best results.

Join us to learn about the transformative power of plant-based minerals in our modern lives.


  • Why so many people experience mineral depletion at this time
  • How soil health, food quality, and human health are all interrelated
  • The fundamental role mitochondrial function plays in energy production and overall health
  • Why adrenal health is critical for women during perimenopause and menopause
  • The origins of humic and fulvic minerals
  • How fulvic and humic acids help in preventing chronic diseases
  • Why Caroline advocates for using fulvic acid products instead of salt-based electrolytes
  • Caroline shares tips for managing Herxheimer reactions
  • How do mineral deficiencies impact sleep and exercise performance?
  • The benefits of magnesium spray for foot cramps and plantar fasciitis

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Woman pouring minerals and electrolytes into water


Cynthia Thurlow, NP Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, CEO and founder of the Everyday Wellness Project, and international speaker, with over 10 million views for her second TEDx talk (Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique). With over 20 years experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and nutritional health, and has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW, Medium, Entrepreneur, and The Megyn Kelly Show. She was listed in Yahoo Finance as one of the, “21 Founders Changing the Way We do Business.” Cynthia hosts the Everyday Wellness podcast, considered one of "21 Podcasts To Expand Your Mind in 2021” by Business Insider. Her mission is to educate women on the benefits of intermittent fasting and overall holistic health and wellness, so they feel empowered to live their most optimal lives. 

Cynthia Thurlow


Minerals are the unsung heroes of our bodies and lives, often overlooked, but essential. Caroline Alan, also known as The Mineral Geek, is here to change that. With a background that spans choreography, carpentry, online technology and now minerals, Caroline has always had a knack for being on the front of the wave. Whether it’s being a woman in male-dominated fields or being a nexus for technology and business owners, Caroline’s ability to delve into new areas of knowledge and find ways of making the complex simple, is legend. Now, as the CEO of BEAM Minerals, she's turned her focus to the world of minerals and is bringing this vanguard of health to people everywhere.

Caroline Alan