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How Minerals Support Postpartum Wellness

Recently we wrote about why minerals are important during pregnancy. You and your baby both need a lot of minerals when you’re pregnant, and deficiencies can cause everything from greater risk of miscarriage to low birth weight. 

But that increased need for minerals doesn’t stop at birth. For about a year postpartum your mineral needs remain much higher than usual—and getting some extra mineral support can make it much easier to recover from the challenges of childbirth and new motherhood. 

Let’s take a look at which minerals will help you during postpartum, and how a quality mineral supplement can ensure you feel your best as you start a new chapter with your family. 

Ease Postpartum Recovery with Minerals

Carrying a baby to term leaves your body depleted because it takes a huge amount of energy and minerals to grow a baby—and the demands on your system don’t stop when you give birth. 

As a new mother you have to produce milk, stabilize your hormones, remineralize your bones after pregnancy (your baby builds its bones by pulling minerals from yours), and more, all while facing stress and a major sleep debt. Having a baby is not for the faint of heart. 

Not surprisingly, your body’s mineral needs increase dramatically during this time. The latest postpartum nutrition guidelines suggest that new mothers supplement with a variety of minerals for at least a year after their baby is born. [*

Here are a few of the ways minerals are important postpartum:

  • Preventing fatigue. Your body uses a lot of iron during pregnancy, which results in a hangover effect afterward: the average new mother’s iron levels are only around 35% of what they should be. [*] Low iron is a common cause of postpartum fatigue. [*]
  • Resilience to stress. It’s stressful having a baby. Stress increases demands for cellular magnesium—and research shows that getting extra magnesium will actually help you manage stress and anxiety better. [*]
  • Deeper sleep. For the average person, being a new parent comes with the largest sleep debt in all of life. [*] Calcium and magnesium both improve sleep quality, helping you reach deeper stages of sleep more quickly so you can get more restorative rest in shorter periods of time. [*][*][*] That’s particularly important postpartum when you’re waking up to feed your baby multiple times each night. 
  • Restoring bone health. Pregnancy places enormous calcium and phosphorus demands on your body, largely as the result of building your baby’s bones in utero. As a result, a lot of new mothers develop osteopenia—brittle bones that have lost mineral density. [*] It’s important to get plenty of calcium and phosphorus after you give birth to help remineralize your bones and recover adequate bone mineral density. 
  • Milk production. Breastfeeding requires large amounts of calcium and iodine—so much so that new mothers are supposed to get nearly double the normal recommended daily intake of iodine for at least a year postpartum. [*]

In short, your body needs a lot more minerals than usual after pregnancy. 

Now Is the Best Time to Start Replenishing Your Minerals 

If you’re pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or a new parent, the best time to start taking minerals is right now. But how do you know what you need?

Don’t worry—we have you covered. 

We make minerals simple: just take a one-ounce shot of BEAM Minerals every morning. Our liquid mineral supplement has every essential mineral your body needs, in the right ratios. You can replenish your mineral stores in 30 seconds a day. 

You also don’t need to worry about contaminants, they’re safe for you and your baby! BEAM Minerals is made from ancient rainforest soil and is a pure, plant-based solution that’s perfect for pregnancy and postpartum support. 

If you want to give your body some extra help postpartum, give BEAM Minerals a try. You’ll be amazed by how much better you’ll feel when your body has access to plentiful minerals.


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