Golden Years: Support Your Senior Pet with Minerals

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Golden Years: Support Your Senior Pet with Minerals

As pet owners, we all know how hard it is to watch our furry loved ones get older. Seeing your pet slow down or go grey can be difficult, especially when their spirit stays young. 

For a lot of us, an aging pet comes with concerns. Are they still comfortable? Can they move around without pain? What can you do to ensure your pet’s golden years are happy, peaceful, and long?

One of the best things you can do for your pet is make sure they get enough minerals. We’re pet owners too, which is why we’ve made full-spectrum mineral supplements specifically for animals. Our specialized mineral formulas will support your pet’s bones, teeth, joints, coat, and more—so they can enjoy the golden years in comfort. 

Why Minerals Matter for Older Pets

Minerals are essential for all mammals—dogs, cats, and humans alike—but they become especially important as your pet gets older. 

Nutrient needs change across your pet’s lifetime. A 2021 study found that senior pets both need more minerals to maintain things like bone and joint health and become less efficient at absorbing those minerals from their diet. 

In another study from 2021, veterinary researchers found that maintaining nutrient levels is one of the biggest predictors of healthy aging in both cats and dogs. [*] Pets that continued to get adequate nutrition not only lived longer, but they had significantly fewer health problems compared to pets with nutrient deficiencies. 

Here are a few examples of why cats and dogs need more minerals as they age:

  • Bone health. Research shows that the fluid-filled spaces in bones become smaller and lose potassium content as pets age. [*] Senior pets also require more calcium, and a deficiency causes a body wide decrease in the thickness and density of their bones. [*] These mineral shortages make bones brittle and reduce mobility, and can cause pain as pets get older. 
  • Joint function. A 2024 review noted that minerals are essential for maintaining joint function in older pets, and that deficiencies can cause micro-damage that accumulates over time, gradually increasing inflammation and pain and making it harder for senior pets to move. [*]
  • Healthy fur. The same 2024 review found that a variety of minerals, including zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, are important for maintaining healthy fur. [*] Deficiencies can cause fur to become rough and dry in older pets. However, increasing mineral intake leads to a smoother, shinier coat

Dogs and cats need minerals to feel their best, especially as they age. If you’ve noticed that your pet is slowing down a bit you may want to add a mineral supplement to its diet. The extra nutrition can go a long way to improving your pet’s wellbeing. 

Make Sure You Choose a Good Mineral Supplement

Human supplements are notorious for lacking regulation, and pet supplements are even worse. 

In fact, a 2021 review found that several mainstream pet supplements made no difference to vitamin and mineral levels—pets continued to fail to meet minimum dietary requirements, even when taking the pills. Even worse, some supplements were contaminated with mercury and caused gradual mercury poisoning as the pets aged. [*]

We know how important it is to make sure your pets are happy and comfortable. That’s why we’ve made human-grade mineral supplements for both cats and dogs. 

Our Feline Minerals™ and Canine Minerals™ contain the full spectrum of minerals that cats and dogs need, in the right quantities. We also test every batch for contaminants to make sure your furry loved ones don’t get anything toxic (and we’re happy to provide you with a copy of the testing sheet if you ask for it!). 

Finally, our pet supplements are liquid and have no taste, which makes them foolproof to take. All you have to do is add them to your pet’s normal meal every morning. 

If you want to support your pet throughout its golden years, give BEAM Minerals a try. We’ll make sure your pets get the nutrients they need for a long and comfortable life.

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