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Complete Canine Minerals

Complete Canine Multi-minerals are the perfect multi-mineral for your dog.  They not only give your dog the full-spectrum of minerals your dog needs throughout their entire life, they also provide the transportation for those minerals into the cells.

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How to Use

Complete Canine Multi-minerals

This product is best delivered by putting it on your dog’s food daily. Use the table below to determine the daily amount to put on your Dog’s food:

Dog's WeightMLTSPN
0-20 lbs10.25
30-40 lbs20.5
40-60 lbs30.75
60-80 lbs41
80-100 lbs51.25
Over 100 lbs71.75

Please note that precise amounts are not essential or provided. The trace minerals in our products are both, super bioavailable, so your dog will get what their system needs, based on their level of activity, age, health and need.  Any excess will naturally and easily be flushed from their system. 

Just the Ingredients You Need

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