The Benefits of Humic and Fulvic Minerals for Pets

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The Benefits of Humic and Fulvic Minerals for Pets

Mineral deficiency in pets can happen for a variety of reasons. An incomplete diet, lack of exercise, and even plain old aging can deplete your pet’s mineral stores, leading to joint issues, thinning fur, itching, low energy, and even behavioral problems. 

A lot of pets (especially dogs and cats) are deficient in minerals—which is why more and more people are adding a mineral supplement to their pet’s diet. 

The problem is that a lot of pet supplements are low in quality and don’t really work. They aren’t regulated the way human supplements are, and a lot of manufacturers take advantage, packaging up cheap supplements with sleek branding (even though they don’t actually do anything, and may even harm your pet). 

Even if you are one of those exceptional pet parents who buys the best, or makes your pets’ food – Like you, your pet can’t can’t get enough minerals from the food they eat. Unlike you, they do drink from puddles and ponds, which can bring more minerals into their system, but unfortunately, this also brings them in contact with more environmental toxins like glyphosate, lead and other heavy metals from air and water pollution.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your pet's health, humic and fulvic minerals may be the answer.  Humic and fulvic minerals not only provide the full spectrum of minerals your pet needs, but they also help protect your pet from the effects of environmental toxins.

Here’s a closer look at humic and fulvic minerals and how they can benefit your pet.  

What Are Humic and Fulvic Minerals?

Humic and fulvic minerals are derived from “humate”. Humate is an incredibly mineral-rich substance found beneath the surface of the earth. It is the result of thousands of years of fresh-water plant matter breaking down and concentrating. 

Humic and fulvic minerals are some of the most beneficial minerals for both humans and pets. They’re naturally full-spectrum, meaning they deliver all the essential minerals mammals need, in optimal ratios and in a highly absorbable form. 

Why Humic and Fulvic Minerals Are Great for Pets

By including humic and fulvic minerals in your pet's diet, you are providing them with essential nutrients that can improve their health and well-being.

  1. All the essential minerals your pet needs: Humic and fulvic minerals contains essential minerals that support a glossy coat, decrease inflammation (which can help with things like itching), increase your pet’s energy levels, and strengthen joints and bones that may weaken or become misaligned as your pet ages. 
  2. Support for your pet’s overall nutrition: Humic and fulvic minerals also play a vital role in the absorption of nutrients from food. If you add them to your pet’s meal, they’ll increase the bioavailability of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which means your pet will absorb more nutrition from their existing diet. 
  3. Immune system support: Humic and fulvic minerals also support a robust immune system, which can keep your pet from getting sick, especially in old age. The plant-based substances can help your pet fight off common immune-related issues like ear infections or fungal infections that cause dry, scaly skin and hair loss.
  4. Exceptional antioxidant support: Humic and fulvic minerals are known for their antioxidant properties, which can help to protect cells from damage. Antioxidants help slow the aging process, keeping your pet young, lively, and full of energy.
  5. Remediation of Environmental Toxins: Your pet comes in contact with more environmental toxins than you do!  Humic and fulvic have specific properties that remediate and remove many modern pollutants and toxins including glyphosate and heavy metals. 

The Best Mineral Supplement for Your Pet

In creating BEAM Minerals, we committed to providing world-class mineral supplements, and we are proud to say that we bring that same level of quality to our pet mineral supplements. We have adjusted our Complete Mineral for Pets formulation to make them easier to use with your pets smaller body.  Our Complete Canine Minerals and Complete Feline Minerals have all the minerals that dogs and cats need to live long, healthy lives, delivered in a highly absorbable, purity-tested formula. 

If you want to give your pet a little extra love, consider adding a full-spectrum mineral supplement to its morning food. It’s one of the best things you can do to keep your pet happy and thriving. 

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