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Biohack Your Best Sleep Ever with Minerals

If you’re struggling to get high-quality sleep, you may be dealing with a hidden mineral deficiency.

Your body uses close to a dozen different minerals to regulate sleep, and mineral imbalances or deficits can have a major impact on the quality of rest you get each night. 

The good news is that it’s easy to supplement with minerals, bringing your levels up to the optimal range and improving your sleep quality.

Here’s why minerals matter so much for sleep, and how a full-spectrum mineral supplement can refill your mineral stores and help you rest and recover better. 

Minerals Help You Sleep Better

You need a bunch of different minerals to sleep well. Here are a few examples:

  • Magnesium increases GABA, your brain’s main calming neurotransmitter, [*] and a large body of research shows that increasing your magnesium stores improves sleep quality. [*]
  • Boron helps your cells retain and use magnesium to produce GABA, which makes boron an important cofactor for improving sleep. [*]
  • Potassium improves sleep efficiency, meaning it increases the time you spend in deep sleep throughout the night. [*
  • Zinc regulates nighttime release of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter that causes you to feel alert, and research suggests increasing zinc levels significantly improves sleep. [*] Zinc also acts alongside magnesium to balance levels of GABA and glutamate, so it’s important that you have enough of both. 
  • Selenium status correlates strongly with sleep duration, and a 2023 review concluded that it improves sleep by protecting sleep-regulating parts of the brain from oxidative stress throughout the night. [*]

You’ll notice that a lot of the above minerals work together. Magnesium, boron, and zinc, for example, all balance each other out, contributing as a whole to improved sleep quality. 

That’s why supplementing with a variety of minerals is so important. Increasing a single mineral—for example, taking high-dose magnesium—can cause imbalances that make sleep better in the short term, but actually cause sleep quality to worsen in the long term. 

How to Replenish Your Minerals and Sleep Better

If you want to sleep better in a sustainable way, it’s important to choose a full-spectrum mineral supplement that provides all your essential minerals at once. 

If you want to sleep better, give BEAM Minerals a try. Just take one shot from each bottle per day. As your body replenishes its mineral stores, you’ll begin to notice that your nervous system will ground and your sleep will return to a natural, restful pattern. Humate is incredibly mineral-rich, and it naturally contains every mineral your body needs, in the right ratios. 

Humate also contains flavonoids that bind to minerals, forming highly bioavailable complexes that get shuttled into your cells within minutes. 

The result is that our full-spectrum mineral supplement replenishes all your minerals quickly and effectively, without the need for a kitchen cabinet full of supplements. All you have to do is take two half-ounce shots of ultra mineral-rich liquid every morning. They taste like water and they give you the full range of minerals, in the right doses, in 30 seconds, supporting your sleep, hormones, brain function, muscle recovery, and more. 

If you want to sleep better, give BEAM Minerals a try. Just take one shot from each bottle about an hour before bed. You’ll notice the difference on the very first night. 

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