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Using BEAM Minerals in your Wellness Practice

If you’re a physician or other wellness professional, you may be interested in using BEAM Minerals products in your practice.  If so, we are excited for your patients and clients! 

We provide some of the most effective, full spectrum mineral supplements on the market and we’re currently partnered with dozens of practices across the continental U.S. If you’d like to be one of them, you can reach out to us here.

There are a few things that set BEAM Minerals apart from other mineral supplements. Here’s a look at our flagship products for practitioners, and how each one can help your clients and patients. 

ELECTROLYZE: Full-Spectrum Mineral Replenishment and Mitochondrial Support

Our Electrolyze supplement is a full-spectrum mineral complex derived from humate, a natural organic-based substance that’s ultra-rich in minerals. 

Humate forms over thousands of years, as fresh water plant matter decomposes and deposits its minerals into a crystalline substance in soil. We take this crystalline “humate” from ancient rainforest deposits, which are particularly high in minerals, and extract it into an ionic fulvic complex suspended in water—our Electrolyze supplement.

Electrolyze provides every essential mineral your body needs, in the natural ratios the body needs. Because of its unique delivery system, Electrolyze also has close to 100% bioavailability, whereas most mineral supplements are only 10-30% bioavailable, due to low gut absorption or their destruction on their way to the bloodstream. [*][*][*][*]

Electrolyze is highly absorbable thanks to its molecular size (much smaller than a cell), it’s flavonoid capacity—its ability to bind with minerals and micronutrients, and then transport them across the intestinal barrier and directly into cells. [*][*]

The fulvic flavonoids in Electrolyze support mitochondria, upregulating mitochondrial protein dynamics and activating antioxidant enzymes that protect mitochondria from inflammatory stress. [*]

In summary, the BEAM Minerals Electrolyze fulvic complex is great for:

  • Replenishing all essential minerals and electrolytes in a single supplement, in the right ratios, with high bioavailability. 
  • Providing inflammatory and antioxidant support, thanks chelating affects and to naturally occurring flavonoids. 
  • Enhancing energy and decreasing fatigue, due to flavonoid-driven mitochondrial support.


MICRO-BOOST™: Hydration Support and Clinical-Grade Detoxification 

Micro-BOOST is made up of humic compounds, the 2nd component of plant-based humate.  Beyond also carrying a full and balanced spectrum of minerals the body needs, it has two primary capacities which support nutrient uptake and full-system.

  • Humic interacts with the proteins in the cell wall, opening more channels to support intercellular transportation of H20 and nutrition.
  • Humic is an effective full system detoxifier

    Clinical healthcare providers have used humic complexes for many years as a detoxifier. It binds to and mobilizes a number of common toxins, including:

    • Heavy metals [*][*][*]
    • Black mold and mycotoxins [*]
    • Viruses [*]
    • Pathogenic bacteria [*][*]

      In summary, Micro-BOOST is a powerful detoxifier that can help support patients with high toxin loads. It comes in a rapidly absorbed liquid form that tastes like water and is easy to take. 

      A note about Micro-BOOST (Humic) and Herxheimer reactions:

      A small percentage of our people report having Herxheimer reactions in response to taking Micro- BOOST. 

      A Herxheimer reaction occurs during rapid detoxification, when the sudden mobility of toxins into the bloodstream causes an immune response that causes rash, fever, aches, chills, and other flu-like symptoms. 

      Herxheimer reactions could be due to detoxing pathogenic gut bacteria or killing off bacteria that cause Lyme disease [*], or due to mobilizing heavy metals [*], black mold, or pesticides. T should be noted that since the Covid Pandemic a greater amount of people are finding themselves sensitive to the detoxification affects of humic.

      If your clients experience Herxheimer reactions, it’s possible that Micro-BOOST has caused rapid detox and increased their toxin load in a short amount of time. Our clients often benefit from decreasing the dose of Micro-BOOST and gradually building up to the recommended amount over a month or so. 

      You can read more about Herxheimer reactions here. This is a useful article to provide to your sensitive clients, to have them read before starting to us Micro-BOOST.


      INSTA-LYTES™: Fulvic Electrolyte Misting spray for cramping, muscle tension, and inflammation

      Our Insta-Lytes™ mineral spray is a transdermal form of the fulvic complex. It provides electrolytes and minerals that absorb directly through the skin. Insta-Lytes is ideal for relieving muscle cramps, tension, soreness, surface muscle pain and inflammation. 

      For Cramps: The Insta-Lytes misting spray is an incredibly useful tool for clients who are dealing with acute cramping in any form, including night cramps, menstrual cramps, sore muscles.  It can be used when the cramp is happening and will begin releasing most cramps in 30-45 seconds.  It can also be used proactively to keep cramping from happening, for instance, for people with night cramps, if Insta-lytes can be sprayed liberally on the area where cramps usually occur. Most people will not experience a cramp if they do this.

      For Performance Enhancement: For athletes or people who exercise at a high intensity. Insta-Lytes can provide an immediate infusion of minerals and electrolytes where there is an acute need.  As an example, a cyclist who is going on an intense training ride can spray the legs before the ride, to preload the minerals and electrolytes in the muscles that are going to receive the hardest workout.  Insta-Lytes is also a great tool during and post workout, to support quick recovery.


      BEAM Minerals Products Have High Patient Adherence

      As a medical practitioner, it can be a challenge to get your patients to take their medication and supplements properly. This is especially true of minerals, which are often split into many different single-mineral pills at various doses which need to be taken at different times of day or on a full/empty stomach.

      With BEAM Minerals, your patients only need to take two supplements each morning: a humic complex (Micro-BOOST) and a fulvic complex (Electrolyze). Both come in liquid form and taste like water; clients simply take 1/2 capful of each. 

      With our full-spectrum mineral supplements, your patients don’t have to remember a complicated pill regimen—and because our supplements are so highly bioavailable, patients will actually feel a difference, which further increases adherence. 

      BEAM Minerals simplifies mineral balance for both clinical provider and patient. 

      Practitioners who use our minerals with their patients report that their patients (particularly the ones that struggle to gain momentum in their health), begin to feel better with the minerals.  It is always a relief to see a patient that has struggled, finally begin to gain ground with their chronic health issues, and best of all, it makes you look good.

      If you’re interested in stocking BEAM Mineral supplements, reach out to us by email at We’d love to talk to you about how we can support you, your patients/clients and your practice. 

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