Better Sleep and No More Cramps— Paula’s BEAM Minerals Story

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Better Sleep and No More Cramps— Paula’s BEAM Minerals Story

We’re always grateful when customers reach out with their personal stories about using BEAM Minerals. 

One of the recent stories came from Paula, who had spent years struggling with severe nighttime muscle cramps and was desperate to find relief. 

“I was getting up in pain 4-5 times a night and…had not slept through the night in over two years,” Paula told us in an email. “I had severe muscle cramps in my toes, feet, calves, thighs, even my stomach. [I was in] severe pain.” 

Paula had tried all kinds of other mineral supplements—from high-dose pills to electrolyte powders to trace minerals—but nothing seemed to help. 

“I increased my magnesium and supplements slowly over a year because I was told that was how to get over the cramps,” Paula wrote. “I was taking magnesium to help me sleep, I was taking magnesium in the morning for my brain. I was taking 2 doses of [branded electrolyte powder] and also three doses of a hydration drink mix. 

Paula wrote to let us know that, “The cramps were unbearable and I was losing my mind, not being able to sleep.”

At this point, Paula had been struggling with cramps and sleep for more than two years—but everything changed when she found or Blog article about Bob, another BEAM Minerals customer, who used BEAM Minerals to get rid of his muscle cramps. 

“I saw the article about the bicycle man having cramps and sent an email,” Paula wrote. “The [@mineralgeek] lady offered to have a phone call with me. On our call she told me to stop taking all these supplements and [start taking] half an ounce each of BEAM Minerals humic and fulvic complexes. She also said to spray my legs before bed [with Insta-Lytes™], and let it dry. 

“I am so happy to say within two days I was sleeping through the night. Not one cramp!!!! I cannot thank you enough for your help and speedy response!! You have [given] me my life back! Thank you so very much.” 

Why BEAM Minerals Helped Paula (But Other Supplements Didn’t)

We’re always thrilled to hear stories like Paula’s. It can be incredibly frustrating to struggle with muscle cramps, sleep issues, brain fog, weight gain, and so many other problems our customers write in saying they experience. 

It’s especially frustrating to try to reclaim your health with mega-dose electrolytes or minerals, only to find that your problems get worse, not better. 

The issue is that most mineral supplements don’t work well. High-dose, single-mineral supplements (like a 200 mg magnesium pill) may fix issues short-term, but they can actually exacerbate mineral and electrolyte imbalance over time. Minerals work together in the body, so increasing one or two minerals in isolation can deplete others, causing mineral imbalances and side effects. 

Furthermore, most mineral supplements, which are made from rocks, shells and bones, have poor bioavailability, so even if you’re taking the single minerals in the amounts recommended according to “Recommended Daily Allowances” (RDAs), your body struggles to break them down, absorb them.

At BEAM Minerals, we offer full-spectrum mineral supplements that are close to 100% bioavailable. They’re derived from plants and naturally contain every essential mineral your body needs, in the right ratios. 

That means you can take just two supplements every morning—Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST—and you’ll replenish all your body’s mineral stores in about 30 seconds a day, without the need for electrolyte powders or a cabinet full of expensive supplements. 

Paula also used our Insta-Lytes spray, which absorbs through the skin in minutes and is especially good for relieving muscle cramps. IT puts the minerals directly where you need them most, leaving no residue on the skin.

Paula, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We’re so glad we’ve helped you improve your sleep, end your muscle cramps, and reclaim your wellbeing. 

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