Mineral replenishment fuels your body's natural testosterone production, returning your vitality.


    Essential minerals enhance cognitive function, helping you stay sharp and focused.


    Carb cravings can be the mark of mineral deficiencies as your cells crave energy from any source.


    BEAM'S advanced minerals can alleviate muscle cramping and promote recovery

BEAM Minerals for Men

Men's vitality involves navigating unique challenges, including fluctuating testosterone, cognitive demands, and the battle against carb cravings and muscle cramps. BEAM Minerals provides the foundational support men need to fuel a thriving life.

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BEAM Supports Men


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  • What our Customers Say

    Cannot Go a Day Without BEAM Minerals!

    I have tried so many supplements over the years and have just started to figure out the foundational staple few that are a must!! BEAM Minerals is one of those lifelong supplements that I will never stop taking. I am so grateful to have found this amazing company!! Thank you, Caroline and Dan for creating such a dynamic product!!

    - Jason

Common Signs of Mineral Deficiency in Men


Weight Gain

Lowered Libido

Hair Loss

Foggy Brain

These common experiences are all signs of mineral and micronutrient deficiency and need to be taken seriously. While many men experience these, it is not necessary to live in depletion. Providing effective mineral and micronutrient supplementation, via plant-based minerals, can support the body to gain and maintain healthy energy production and balance.

  • New! Men's Complete Mineral Support Kit

  • Curbs Carb Cravings

  • Promotes Healthy Hair

  • Support Hydration

  • Clears Brain Fog

  • Promotes Restful Sleep

  • Support Healthy Libido

This complete kit has all the minerals and micronutrients a man needs at every stage of life. With The Advanced Set, for full-spectrum internal cellular support, plus Insta-Lytes™ for muscle cramps and soreness, Respra-Lytes™ to improve breathing, and Electro-BOOST™ for an on-the-go combination of both plant-based humic and fulvic complexes to boost energy and reduce inflammation.


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