• Experiencing Cramping?

    All cramping is associated with mineral deficiency. Feed those cells and they'll lose the cramps.

  • Feeling Depleted?

    Muscles. Energy. Endurance. Hydration. It all starts with mineral sufficiency.

  • Struggling with Hydration?

    It’s not just about getting more water; it is about effective transportation of that water into your cells.

  • Experiencing a Performance Plateau?

    A body that is continuously taxed, without proper replenishment, cannot continue to develop and grow.

BEAM Minerals for Performance

BEAM Minerals provides extremely effective support for hydration, muscle regeneration and endurance. Our natural plant-based humic anf fulvic minerals provide a full-spectrum of micronutrients and trace amino acids needed to support high performace.

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What are the challenges that amateur and
professional athletes face and how can BEAM Minerals help?





Why You Can't Survive Without Minerals

The Laj Tripp Show

In this episode of The Laj Tripp Podcast, we talk about minerals, ask foundational questions about why they matter to your biology, and why you probably would do a lot better in performance or just as a human being who wants to be a temple of health.

We have more than 30 trillion cells in our body, and every single one requires minerals to function. You can’t live without minerals.

  • What our Customers Say

    Must have for recovery!

    This product is essential for anyone that gets cramps after working out. It also helps with any aches and pain in your body. I use it once or twice a day and it absolutely helps!

    I bought 5 more bottles because I couldn't get enough of it!

    - Blake

Common Signs of Mineral Deficiency in High-Performers


Building & Recovery



The primary condition that affects performance for all athletes, is mineral and micronutrients deficiency. A cellular system that does not have the minerals it needs generates 1/12 the amount of energy that a fully fueled system can generate! Providing effective replenishment is like turning up the dimmer on a lightbulb, so that full performance potential can be realized.

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  • The Advanced Set

  • Effective Hydration

  • Faster muscle regeneration

  • Improved Endurance

  • Anti-cramping formula

The Advanced Set provides all the electrolytes and micronutrients to help you perform your best. The sweat released, and the minerals used, regularly to generate high-level energy for extended periods, requires truly effective supplementation. This duo will help you recover faster, improve endurance and reduce cramping and sore muscles after intense training sessions.


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