• Is Your Kid Tired?

    Kids need minerals and micronutrients even more than adults, as their brains and bodies are developing.

  • Is Your Kid Always Asking for Sugar?

    Micronutrient deficiency is often called the "Hidden Hunger." Hungry cells crave quick energy, which causes sugar cravings.

  • Is Your Kid Experiencing Cramping?

    All cramping is associated with mineral deficiency. Feed those cells and they'll lose the cramps.

  • Is Your Kid Struggling in School?

    Energy in the brain is fueled by minerals. Often, brain fog and mental lethargy are simply symptoms of mineral deficiency.

BEAM Minerals for Kids

In our modern world, where our soils and food supply are depleted of minerals and we all drink filtered and bottled water, it is now critical to provide mineral supplementation to support our children’s growing bodies and developing minds.

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What are the challenges that parents face with
their kids and how can BEAM Minerals help?


Physical and
Mental Development


Kids and

  • Why These Minerals are Foundational for Your Child’s Brain & Development

    The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

    In this episode, Caroline and I discuss the magic of minerals. Often overlooked and underrated, mighty minerals are incredibly important for health, especially in children for their developing bodies and brains.

  • BEAM Minerals Co-Founder and CEO Caroline Alan on Healthy Habits

    Word of Mom Radio

    Caroline Alan is a mineral enthusiast and Co-Founder and CEO of BEAM Minerals Inc. As a result of her personal health journey, Caroline is devoted to educating people about how minerals operate in the body, why we need to supplement and the benefits of plant-based minerals.

  • What our Customers Say

    My kids ask for BooBoo-Lytes when they need it!

    Whenever I leave town I pack my Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST, I also pack BooBoo-Lytes if I'm traveling with my children. It's honestly a lifesaver for any bug bite or in case they have a small accident. They feel better instantly!

    - Jane

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  • The Advanced Set

  • Replenish Electrolytes

  • Improved Nutrition

  • Aids Development

The Advanced Set provides all the electrolytes and minerals your kids need to replenish, stay hydrated and clear out environmental toxins they encounter. Electrolyze™ and Micro-BOOST™ provide a simple solution for getting essential electrolytes, trace minerals, micronutrients, vitamins, and amino acids into your kids, so they can grow, develop and shine.


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