• Feeling Tired?

    The keto flu is real. Low-carb lifestyle, while effective, require supplementation. Take it seriously.

  • Experiencing Cramping?

    All cramping is associated with mineral deficiency. Feed those cells and they'll lose the cramps.

  • Struggling with Sugar Cravings?

    Micronutrient deficiency is often called the "Hidden Hunger." Hungry cells crave quick energy, which causes sugar cravings.

  • Experiencing Hair Loss?

    Little known fact, but mineral deficiency leads to malnourished hair roots, thus causing loss.

BEAM Minerals for Keto

For people living a Keto or low-carb lifestyle, mineral replenishment is not a “nice to have”, but a cornerstone of maintaining healthy ketosis and carb-cycling.

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What are the challenges that keto and low carb
dieters face and how can BEAM Minerals help?


Carb Cycling



Signs of a Mineral Deficiency: How to Boost Cellular Metabolism with Bioavailable Minerals

Keto Kamp with Ben Azadi

In this episode, Caroline Alan explains everything you need to know about minerals. Did you know that every single cell in your body requires minerals? Unfortunately, most people are mineral depleted. Caroline explains why you may be suffering from mineral deficiency and not getting enough minerals from the foods you eat. Luckily, Caroline reveals how you can replenish minerals through her products like Micro-BOOST, Electrolyze, and Insta-Lytes.

  • What our Customers Say

    Life Saver!

    Adding these two to my daily regimen has been a life saver since working third shift. I used to always feel tired and battle headaches; not since adding this to my routine. As an added bonus it has had an amazing affect on my hair. I look and feel much healthier. It’s been a great addition that I cannot go without.

    - Tiffany

Common Signs of Mineral Deficiency while in a Keto Diet



Weight Plateau

Hair Loss

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  • Ultimate Keto
    Support Kit

  • Softens Cramps

  • Soothes Aches

  • Recharges Electrolytes

  • Instant Effect

The Ultimate Keto Support Kit is the key to a successful low-carb life. Providing all the electrolytes and micronutrients you need to maintain healthy ketosis and carb cycling, these three powerhouses will keep you in a prime balanced state, every day.


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