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Why Minerals Are Essential for Stress Reduction

Usually, stress reduction routines focus on changing your behavior. You hear about eating right, going to the gym, meditating, trying to sleep better, and other external activities that lower your stress and improve your health. 

This kind of self-care is great. I’d even say they’re necessary to create a balanced life. If you want to feel your best, you have to build healthy habits that nurture your body and mind. 

But those external stress reduction activities all require discipline, and sometimes it feels impossible to start them—especially if you’re exhausted, anxious, stressed, or otherwise struggling to make changes in your life. You WANT to live better, but you just can’t quite find the energy or courage to do so. 

If you’re experiencing that right now, you have my sympathy. I’ve been there and I know how hard it is. It can feel like you’re stuck in a hole—trying to improve your life, failing, feeling discouraged, and trying to find the energy to start again, over and over. All the while, the hole seems to be getting deeper, and each attempt seems to take more out of you. It’s an awful place to be.

Stress Can Start on the Inside

What many of us don’t realize is that stress can start at a very micro level . . . inside your cells.  When cells don’t have the mineral co-factors they need, they struggle to generate the energy necessary to gain and maintain mental, physical and energetic health.  Think of it this way, how do you feel when you’re hungry, maybe also thirsty and it’s the end of a long day?  You feel “Hangry”, am I right? Now multiply that 30 billion times and you can begin to understand why you might be feeling stressed. 

So providing effective mineral replenishment to your body can be your first, best, step towards stress reduction and self care.

Stress is Fueled from the Inside

But there’s a way to take better care of yourself without so much struggle or discipline. It can help you turn the light back on in your body, providing the energy you need to get started on your wellness goals and actually follow through with them. 

Stress reduction can certainly start from the outside, with discipline, but it can also start from the inside—with minerals. I believe replenishing your mineral stores is one of the most overlooked (and most fundamental) components of stress reduction and self-care. Your whole body runs on minerals, and if you want to care for yourself, you should start with nourishing your system at a foundational level. 

Here’s a look at why minerals are so fundamental to stress reduction (especially if you’re having trouble building healthy habits) and how you can use minerals to take better care of your body and mind. 

A Real-Life Story: Michelle’s Journey

A couple years ago, we got a call from a woman (we’ll call her Michelle) who had been using BEAM Minerals every morning for about six months. She said taking minerals had changed her life and she wanted to share her story with us. 

Michelle had a particularly traumatic childhood. As an adult, she was still struggling with it—she could only sleep with all the lights on in her house, and she turned to food (especially sugar) for comfort in times of stress. As a result, she was overweight and struggled with sleep, which left her exhausted during the day. She wanted to improve her health, and had tried many times, but nothing stuck. She would eat better and exercise for a while, then fall back to her old habits. 

Michelle started taking BEAM Minerals because she’d read that they’re good for sleep and managing stress. She told us she felt better within the first week, but she was still struggling with diet and sleep—until about a month into taking minerals daily, when she was at an office party and someone handed her a slice of cake. 

Normally, Michelle would be the person to eat her cake, plus a second and third piece. Instead, she found she had no temptation to eat it, and passed her slice to the next person. 

A couple weeks after that, Michelle decided to go for a morning walk. In the past, Michelle could never muster the energy to get off the couch, especially when it was cold outside—this was during winter in Wyoming. Now, however, she found she did have the energy, and before long, she was walking several times a week. She also noticed that she wasn’t getting as stressed as usual.

Michelle didn’t feel the need to turn to food for comfort anymore, and her new eating habits, combined with her regular walks, led her to lose weight. She started to feel better about her health than she had in years. 

After a few weeks of walking, Michelle joined a gym—she was tired of the cold and snow—and began working out. She had never had the energy or follow-through to consistently exercise before, but now it felt doable.

Finally, one night, Michelle turned out the lights in her house before bed. Normally, sleeping in darkness would have been impossible for her because of her traumatic past—but now she found that she was okay, and she slept through the night. 

That’s when Michelle emailed Dan, our co-founder. They scheduled a phone call, and she talked about how everything started with BEAM Minerals. She felt like taking minerals every morning stabilized her stress response, helped with her sugar cravings, and gave her the energy to start exercising regularly. 

Michelle said she had tried to improve her self-care routines over and over before—but she could never stick with the improvements until she started taking minerals every morning. 

Better Stress Reduction, Starting from the Inside 

Michelle’s story is the perfect example of why minerals are so important for self-care and stress reduction. 

If you feel like you’re walking around with the lights dimmed—tired, foggy, struggling through your day—minerals can help increase the brightness, providing the energy you need to start improving your life. 

That’s why I recommend minerals for stress reduction. They nourish your body and brain, replenishing your cells so you can actually stick to the wellness routine you want. 

We all need a little help getting started sometimes. Minerals give you that support—and the stronger you get, the easier your health journey becomes. It’s the beginning part that’s hard.

For stress reduction, I suggest our Humic and Fulvic Supplements. They contain every essential mineral you need, derived from concentrated soil called humate that’s the result of thousands of years of plants that have broken down and been distilled into liquid (don’t worry; they taste like water). 

You don’t need to fill your cupboard with a bunch of supplement bottles and worry about ideal dosages, which form your body can actually absorb, and so on. Our humate-derived minerals have close to 100% bioavailability, with a liquid delivery system that sends them straight to your cells within minutes. 

If you want to reduce the stress that’s coming from the inside of your body, give BEAM Minerals a try. You can take them in under a minute every morning, and you may be surprised by how good they make you feel. 

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