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You’ve probably heard the term “electrolytes” before, especially if you’re an athlete. Electrolytes keep you hydrated. They prevent muscle cramps. They’re an essential part of physical performance, and because of that a lot of athletes use them, often in the form of powders or sports drinks.

The trouble is that most electrolytes on the market don’t really work. That’s why we developed Insta-Lytes ™, a revolutionary electrolyte supplement that can be applied topically, reaches your cells within moments and makes a difference to your performance that you’ll actually notice.

Here’s a look at why electrolytes matter, and why Insta-Lytes™ is better than your average sports drink when it comes to electrolyte replenishment.

What Are Electrolytes?

The term “electrolyte” usually refers to a few different minerals—specifically sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride—that carry a positive or negative electrical charge when dissolved in water.

Every cell in your body uses electrolytes, and certain cells (especially muscle cells) require a very specific electrolyte balance to work properly.

What Causes Low Electrolytes?

The most common cause of low electrolytes is sweating. When you sweat, you don’t just lose water—you also lose all the electrolytes dissolved in that water. That’s why exercise depletes your electrolytes, and why it’s so important to replenish them if you’re working out or playing sports on a regular basis.

There are other causes of low electrolytes as well:

  • Just working a muscle hard will deplete the local electrolytes available to a muscle. This is why you have to stop, rest and let the blood flow return, bringing more electrolytes to the area that you’re working.

  • Ironically, drinking too much water can also cause low electrolytes, by diluting the ratio of electrolytes to fluid in your body.

  • Aging increases your chances of low electrolytes. Your cells become less efficient at maintaining the proper electrolyte balance, which is why many people over 40 experience muscle cramps, particularly at night. [ * ]

  • Mineral deficiencies also cause electrolyte imbalance and are surprisingly common. For example, 97% of Americans are deficient in potassium and nearly 70% are deficient in magnesium, two essential electrolytes. [ * ]

How Do Low Electrolytes Hurt Performance?

Electrolytes are more important for performance than most people realize. Here are a few of the ways low electrolytes can affect your daily life:

  • Decreased muscle strength. Low electrolytes cause a significant decrease in strength because muscles cannot contract properly, leading to a loss of force generation. [ * ] This is why electrolytes should be an essential part of your gym bag! You’ll get a lot more from your workouts when you have enough electrolytes. 

  • Decreased endurance. A 2007 study found that people with low electrolyte balance had a 10% decrease in muscle endurance. [ *

  • Muscle cramps. Low electrolytes can also cause muscle cramping. Muscles will contract and get “stuck” because they don’t have enough electrolytes to relax, causing painful cramps. [ * ] Muscle cramps are increasingly common with age, especially at night. [ * ]

  • Fatigue. Low electrolytes lead to physical and mental fatigue, due to impairments in both muscle and brain function. Replenishing electrolytes rapidly reverses this fatigue. [ * ]

  • Eye strain. When your electrolytes are low, your body tries to retain fluid to preserve the remaining electrolytes. One way it does this is by reducing eye lubrication, which results in dry eyes and causes eye strain. Getting more electrolytes reverses eye strain and improves eye health. [ * ] 

This is why it’s important to keep your electrolytes topped up. Electrolyte balance has a far-reaching effect on both physical and mental performance.

Insta-Lytes™: A Topical Electrolyte Supplement

There are two issues with most commercially available electrolyte sources:

  1. Most sports drinks and powders don’t actually have many electrolytes. If you look at the label of your favorite colorful sports drink, you’ll see just a few milligrams of sodium, potassium, and calcium—maybe 1-2% of your daily requirement for each. 

  1. Electrolytes absorb slowly when you ingest them orally. They’re highly bioavailable, meaning your cells will eventually absorb more of them, but because they have to pass through your digestion they take a long time to reach your muscles.

These shortcomings are the reason we’ve created Insta-Lytes, a sprayable electrolyte supplement.

It turns out plant-based fulvic electrolytes absorb through your skin almost immediately and reach your cells within moments. In addition, you can spot-treat your muscles by apply Insta-Lytes™ to the area that needs them. All you have to do is spray cramping or aching muscles for instant relief.

Insta-Lytes™ provide the full spectrum of minerals and electrolytes your muscles need to get back to high-level performance quickly. Just a few sprays will deliver enough electrolytes to make an actual difference in the local electrolyte balance.

BEAM Minerals recently sponsored an aid station at a semi-pro cycling race. When cyclists stopped for water, we offered to spray their calves and thighs with Insta-Lytes™ to improve endurance and prevent cramping. On the way out, a lot of cyclists were hesitant to try the spray—but on the way back, every single cyclist who had tried Insta-Lytes™ stopped for it again. Many of the cyclists who hadn’t received the spray were experiencing extreme muscle fatigue and cramping. When they saw how their compatriots had fared, they asked for the spray as well and were surprised to experience the nearly immediate response in the way their legs felt. They were able to return to the race replenished and feeling strong.

If you exercise regularly, struggle with muscle cramps, or just want to increase your body’s mineral stores, Insta-Lytes™ are a great tool to keep in your back pocket. They’re portable and work within minutes, providing you with constant access to an electrolyte boost (and they work better than sports drinks and powders). Give Insta-Lytes ™ a try today! You may be surprised by the difference they make.

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Can I take BEAM Minerals with my other supplements?

Yes, in fact, BEAM Minerals will enhance the bioavailability of all your other supplements.

What is the difference between Micro-BOOST™ and Electrolyze™?

Electrolyze™ is primarily composed of Fulvic Mineral Complexes . Fulvic complexes are small molecules that provide inter-cellular transport for nutritional elements into the cells and carry bio-waste out of the cells. Fulvic complexes are flavonoids , which provide many benefits in the body.

Micro-BOOST™ is primarily composed of the Humic Mineral Complexes . Humic complexes are large molecules that are extra-cellular, meaning they do not enter the cells but stay outside the cells. They are highly-charged molecules that attract, through their electrical charge, bio-waste, free radicals and heavy metals. They ultimately carry bio-waste out of the body. Thus, we call them “Nature’s Janitor”.

How many milligrams (mg) of an electrolyte (Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, etc.) is there in BEAM Minerals?

The quantities of each element in BEAM Minerals products are measured in “parts per million” (ppm), rather than the “milligrams” (mg). Here is the information which usually helps to understand the difference:

Milligrams (mg) vs parts per million (ppm)

In comparing our products to other supplements, people want to know how much of an electrolyte is in our products (like potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium). Usually they are looking for an amount in milligrams (mg).

We have a hard time answering that question, because the electrolytes (and other elements) in BEAM Minerals products are measured in parts per million (ppm). So how can consumers compare?

The answer is a little complex, but here’s the high points.

The electrolytes in BEAM Minerals products are provided in “trace” amounts that are completely dissolved and thus 100% bio-available, immediately introduced into your circulation when you consumed them and will produce and active effect.

When you take a 320mg pill of magnesium, your body is only able utilize about 12-20% of it as it takes some time because your body has to digest it first. Whatever is not dissolved gets processed out of your body.

When you take a capful of liquid Electrolyze™ and/or Micro-BOOST™, you receive approximately 5.22 ppm of magnesium in which 100% of the magnesium is immediately available to your body. In addition, an important to know is that the magnesium in BEAM Minerals products stay in your system much longer building up healthy levels as you continue to take it daily.