Nourishing New Beginnings: Minerals for Women’s Fertility and Beyond

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Nourishing New Beginnings: Minerals for Women’s Fertility and Beyond

If you’re trying to conceive (or you just want to improve your fertility), a full-spectrum mineral supplement is a simple, effective addition to your daily routine.

In the last few years, large-scale studies have found that mineral deficiencies are a driving cause of infertility, especially for women. [*][*][*] Fertility is a complex process and your body needs minerals at almost every step, from hormone production to successful conception to providing the fetus with nutrition during pregnancy. 

To support your fertility it’s essential that you get enough minerals. Here’s a look at why they matter so much, and at how you can replenish your minerals in a few minutes every morning. 

Mineral Deficiencies: A Hidden Cause of Infertility

Having a child is a biologically expensive process. Your body has to dedicate an enormous amount of energy, nutrients, hormones, time, and risk into nurturing a baby. 

As a result, your body wants to be sure that you have plenty of raw materials needed to grow and nurture a fetus—and if you’re short on nutrients, it has mechanisms to prevent you from getting pregnant. 

It’s well-established that extended malnutrition or undereating can cause women to lose their periods. [*][*] The opposite is also true: a 2019 review found that increasing nutrient intake when trying to conceive had a robust impact on women’s fertility, increasing the chance of successful pregnancy and decreasing the time women had to try to get pregnant. [*]

This dynamic makes sense, because you need a tremendous amount of minerals to create new life, and mineral deficiencies are dangerous for both mother and baby. Here are a few examples of how minerals are important for female fertility:

  • A fetus pulls calcium, phosphorus, and potassium from its mother’s skeleton to grow its own bones, and low levels of any of these minerals can be potentially life-threatening for both parties during pregnancy. [*][*]
  • Selenium, zinc, and copper are all either direct or indirect antioxidants, and are important for protecting the fertilized embryo from oxidative stress as it grows. [*]
  • Magnesium is important for fetal organ and muscle growth, and magnesium deficiency during pregnancy both increases risk of miscarriage and predicts low birth weight. [*] Research also shows that replenishing magnesium increases odds of conception and reduces complications during pregnancy. [*][*]
  • Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid function, a major regulator of fertility, and a 2018 study found that women with iodine deficiency were 46% less likely to become pregnant. [*]

Fertility depends on a wide variety of essential minerals. If you’re trying to improve your reproductive health, it’s absolutely essential that you get enough of them.

A Simple Way to Replenish Your Minerals 

A 2022 survey by the CDC found that 97% of Americans are deficient in at least one mineral and nearly 70% are deficient in two or more. [*

That’s almost everyone—and if you’re trying to conceive you need even more minerals than the survey suggests. The good news is that replenishing your minerals is simple. 

At BEAM Minerals, we offer a full-spectrum mineral supplement derived from humate, a component of decomposed plants. Humate is incredibly mineral-rich, and it naturally contains every mineral you and your baby need, in the right ratios. 

We make mineral replenishment simple. You have two bottles, and you just take one shot from each bottle per day. As your body replenishes its mineral stores, you’ll begin to feel changes in your daily wellbeing. Humate is safe and effective and is perfect for supporting your fertility. 

Humate also contains flavonoids that bind to minerals, forming highly bioavailable complexes that get shuttled into your cells within minutes. You can rest assured, knowing that your body is absorbing the minerals it needs. 

Minerals are a fundamental part of reproductive health. If you want a natural, simple way to support your fertility, give BEAM Minerals a try. 

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