Effective Hydration for the Body

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Effective Hydration for the Body

Hydration is crucial to health and well-being. Many of us are striving to get our diets and nutrition on point and yet lose focus on the importance of hydration. For people on Keto diets, this extends to the role that electrolytes play, as a body in ketosis can lose electrolytes more quickly.

Electrolytes and Hydration

Electrolytes are simply minerals that have an electric charge and they play an important role in the effectiveness of all cellular operations in your body.  They are fundamental to your health because they:

  • Maintain the balance of fluids inside and outside your cells
  • Conduct nerve impulses throughout your body
  • Regulate chemical reactions
  • Support Ph levels
  • Promote healthy energy production in the cells
  • Help your body maintain muscle function

Low electrolytes levels in the body can cause numerous health concerns such as impaired function of vital organs (even cardiac arrest!), seizures, blood clots, muscle spasms or cramping, and issues with fluid regulation.

The key to healthy electrolyte balance is to ensure you stay hydrated (with good old H2O), but also ensure you are getting an adequate supply of electrolytes to maintain your body's fundamental systems and cell function. This is of special concern for people on keto diets as well as athletes, people over the age of 55, people with impaired kidney function or people with any absorption issues or with any sickness/condition that may cause them to lose electrolytes through vomiting or diarrhea. Some healthy adults can attain the right balance of electrolytes through good nutrition and hydration, but for many of us, we could use some extra support.

Boosting Hydration 

We hear a lot about how much water we should drink in a day, with the answer being anywhere from 2-liters to 1 gallon per day.  That is A LOT of water for most of us.  What people don’t talk about is whether that water is going right through you, or being absorbed and utilized by the body!  When we increase our water intake, many of us experience an increase in urination and not necessarily an experience of being well-hydrated.  This is because our bodies may have an electrolyte imbalance, which makes it difficult for your cells to assimilate the H2O.

Supporting Electrolyte Balance

The world of electrolyte supplementation can be confusing and usually includes a large handful of pills, powders, or flavored liquids that we try to make ourselves consume daily.

The fact is, not only is it very challenging and costly to take so many supplements, it’s important to know that supplementing electrolytes in pill/powder or flavored drinks is an ineffective method to support your electrolyte balance.  This is because: 

  • You only get 10-12%: First - It's well-known that only about 10-12% of the electrolyte or mineral content in a pill, powder or flavored drink gets absorbed into the body. This is because they all need to be digested first, and many supplements are not highly digestible. 
  • Powdered Electrolytes can cause imbalances: Taking "mega-dose" formatted supplements can further exacerbate the imbalances in your gut microbiome by providing much more of a particular mineral or electrolyte than your body needs. As an example, it's fairly well-known that taking an excess of magnesium can cause a loose bowel while taking an excess of calcium can cause constipation.  It's less well-known that consuming salt drinks regularly can be irritating to the kidney and bladder.

With these points in mind, finding a more effective approach to hydration and optimal electrolyte balance can make the difference 

Effective Electrolyte Replenishment

Now that you’ve recognized the need for electrolyte replenishment, the question becomes, “How do I do it?”.  We’re taught to think of our body like a car: The car needs gas, add gas, the car needs oil, add oil. But the body is much more complex and providing electrolytes in a way that the body can best utilize them requires a bit of information.

Consuming the following foods can prove helpful, as they can offer ample electrolytes: dairy products (such as milk, yogurt, and kefir), bananas, watermelon, coconut water, avocado, fruit juices, and spinach. You can also try electrolyte-infused water (with no flavoring)! But the sad fact is that we don’t get enough electrolytes from the foods we eat because the foods themselves are electrolyte deficient, due to modern production farming methods.  

So, you need to supplement electrolytes!  This is especially important if you are a Keto enthusiast, because your diet restricts intake of many electrolyte-rich foods, your body (in ketosis) loses electrolytes more quickly and you may include intermittent fasting in your routine.

The Good News: There IS a solution to the hydration/electrolyte balance issue -- Plant-based electrolytes. Plant-based electrolytes, come from a substance called “fulvic”, which is a result of ancient decomposed rain forests (fresh water plants).  The beauty of fulvic, plant-based electrolytes is that your body is naturally evolved to digest and assimilate plants, so your body gets the benefit more easily.

Electrolyze – Next Generation Hydration 

Electrolyze is a plant-based electrolyte supplement that has helped many athletes solve their hydration, ketosis and electrolyte balance issues. The secret is in the amazing qualities of the mineral substances from which the product is made.

BEAM Minerals’s Electrolyze™ is a Fulvic Mineral Supplement.  Fulvic is a “flavonoid” and provides transportation for water, nutrition, minerals and electrolytes into the cells.  It greatly enhances hydration and nutrient uptake so it supports your entire metabolism.

BEAM Minerals has a true understanding of electrolytes and minerals, how they work in your body and how they are replenished.  They also understand the challenges and rewards of the keto way of eating and know how to support your overall keto experience. Here’s the high points: 

  1. Full Spectrum Needed: Your body doesn’t just need the 4 or 5 electrolytes that most people have heard about. Your body needs a full spectrum of electrolytes and minerals to support optimal cellular operation throughout your body.  Electrolyze™ provides the FULL spectrum of electrolytes and minerals you need to gain and maintain healthy ketosis and feel great all the time! 
  1. The Assimilation Secret: Your body doesn’t work like a gas tank, you need to provide electrolytes and minerals in a form you can absorb and assimilate. Electrolyze™ is a plant-based supplement.  The human body is naturally evolved absorb and assimilate plant-based substances.
  1. It’s a Balancing Act: Electrolytes work to balance the body’s systems, regulating your body’s blood chemistry, your heart rate and other important processes. That’s why they call it an electrolyte “balance”.  Taking electrolytes in megadose format can cause as many imbalances as they solve and cause your body to work extra hard to remove the excess.  Electrolyze™ is made from trace minerals, which provide all the electrolytes you need in the ionized format that won’t cause system imbalances.
  1. 100% Keto: Many electrolyte supplements are sweetened or flavored to cover the fact that they taste terrible. This feeds the sugar cravings and, let’s face it, many of their flavors are just plain bad!  Electrolyze™ has no sweeteners, no flavoring and zero carbohydrates so it won’t break your fast.  In addition, it can be taken on an empty stomach making it ideal support for OMAD (One Meal a Day) or other intermittent fasting protocols. 

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