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Why You Can’t Live Without Minerals – BEAM Minerals with Dave Asprey

Every single one of the trillions of cells in your body requires minerals to function. Here’s how to get more.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we talk about minerals, ask some foundational questions about why they matter to your biology, and why you probably would do a lot better as a biohacker, or just as a human being who wants to be hard to kill, if you pay way more attention to them.

We have more than 30 trillion cells in our body and every single one of them requires minerals to function. You can’t live without minerals.

Caroline Alan, co-founder of BEAM Minerals, knows first-hand the importance of minerals. Before she started with BEAM, she was working under the constant stress of a corporate career. She had inflammation throughout her body, especially in the gut and mouth. And her adrenals were fatigued. She also had headaches every day, previously unknown gluten intolerance and other body pain. She spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get better, but nothing worked until she started taking minerals.

The minerals allowed her body to naturally heal and come back to homeostasis. She then went deep into research about minerals and how they work on human physiology, especially plant-based fulvic and humic mineral complexes. This included microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, agricultural soil science and the study of plant decomposition.

A tablespoon of healthy dirt has 10 billion microbes. Each of those microbes excretes a substance called humin, which is the most concentrated form of mineral out there. BEAM Minerals provides fulvic and humic minerals in appropriate amounts that open up new pathways for absorption and allow your cells to take in the good stuff and clear out the gunk.

This episode gets into mineral depletion and supplementation. What helps your body, why and in what forms.

You’ll learn why Ionic liquid minerals are immediately bioavailable at the cellular level. Another plus? Specific flavonoid benefits of fulvic supercharge any vitamin supplements you’re already taking by making them more easily assimilated by your cells. Cool stuff.

“These humic and fulvic complexes, they’re like Mother Nature’s answer to mineral supplementation,” Caroline says.

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Why You Can’t Live Without Minerals – BEAM Minerals with Dave Asprey – #813


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Key Notes

  • I ended up with a body that had inflammation throughout, I had major gut inflammation, I had major mouth inflammation, I had headaches almost every day. I had had a lifelong gluten intolerance that I was unaware of. – 3:20
  • These minerals, which allowed my body to naturally come back to homeostasis, naturally do the healing work that it does when it’s well supported at a cellular level. – 5:15
  • Do we need mineral salts? Or, are you like, “Oh, just take your humic and fulvic and you’re good to go?” – 9:17
  • Don’t know if you want to go into how the humic and fulvic are actually created. – 12:02
  • H-U-M-I-N. Which is different than the ancient plant matter, which is called humate. – 13:17
  • The cool thing about ionic minerals is that when they are assimilated, they actually stay in solution much longer. – 18:10
  • We used to say, “We are what we eat,” but actually, we’re what we assimilate. – 20:39
  • Absorption is getting those minerals into the bloodstream, and then assimilation is getting those into the cell. – 21:45
  • Fulvic complex is a flavonoid, and what it does is it carries 60 times its weight up to… 60 times its molecular weight of nutrients into the cell.  – 22:13
  • I don’t understand how fulvic and humic minerals cause toxins to leave cells. I know they do it, but I don’t understand how.  – 23:11
  • Humic and fulvic, they occur together everywhere in nature, and they have this somewhat symbiotic relationship. – 25:49
  • Using these fulvic complexes, who’ve gotten that gunk out of your cells, finally, your cells… I kind of say like, your cells are having a party because they’re so happy to be getting rid of all this junk, that it actually affects the nervous system.  – 28:49
  • Lipopolysaccharide is something that causes systemic inflammation, it causes brain fog, it causes cravings. So, bad gut bacteria will do that, stress gut bacteria will do that.  – 32:20
  • I drink about an ounce of the fulvic and an ounce of our humic-fulvic product, our Micro-BOOST a day, so two ounces. – 34:12
  • Think about that fulvic complex and how small it is, it totally makes sense that it’s going to work by spraying it on, because it’s immediately absorbing at a cellular level into your body. – 36:44
  • We actually do have a capsule that we usually suggest it just for traveling, because it’s hard to travel with these big bottles of liquid. – 40:26
  • Humic is one of the best prebiotics that you can use for the gut, for creating an environment for the best of the flora in the gut. – 42:22
  • Fulvic is going to supercharge every single other thing that you put in your mouth. – 47:00
  • It is a chemical process in which we’re extracting the humic and the fulvic separating them out of the humate. – 50:27
  • Brandon:
    I’ve heard some people say like, “If you have symptoms of chronic infection, don’t take minerals – 51:48
  • These trace elements provided to my body in this ionic format that can be absorbed and assimilated so effectively, they made just the hugest difference, and without having to take huge numbers of pills or anything. – 53:55
  • If you think about humic as a chelator and fulvic as a chelator, they are actually going to support the removal of the excess iron out of your system. So, again, they support homeostasis of the system. – 56:33
  • We have another brand also called Keto-BEAM, it’s the same products, but we just created a different brand to talk specifically to people who are doing keto.  – 59:57

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