Mineral Supplements: Changing the Focus from “How Much?” to “How Bioavailable?”

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Mineral Supplements: Changing the Focus from “How Much?” to “How Bioavailable?”

When you go shopping for a mineral supplement, you probably have a dosage in mind. Maybe you’ve heard that you should take 200 milligrams of magnesium for stress, or 50 milligrams of zinc for immunity. That seems simple enough—you just take a pill at a specific dose.

But it turns out there’s a lot more to the conversation. What matters more than dose is bioavailability: how easily you can absorb the minerals you take. 

Mineral supplements are infamous for having poor bioavailability, often under 10%. Even if you’re taking huge doses every day, using the wrong form of mineral or buying a low-quality mineral supplement will never give your body enough to refill your mineral stores. 

At BEAM Minerals, we’re trying to start a paradigm shift. We want to change the conversation from “How much?” to “How bioavailable?” 

Here’s why bioavailability differs among mineral supplements, and how you can choose the most absorbable supplement to replenish your body’s minerals.


You Barely Absorb Most Mineral Supplements

Let’s say you go to your local supplement shop looking for magnesium. You find three kinds of magnesium:

  • Magnesium sulfate
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Magnesium glycinate

    Which one do you buy? All three are common in supplement shops, and the recommended dose for all of them is 200 mg. 

    But with a bit of research, you’ll discover that the difference among them is enormous.

    • You only absorb about 4% of the magnesium sulfate you take. [*
    • Magnesium oxide has 11.8% bioavailability. [*]
    • Magnesium glycinate is the most absorbable of the three, with  23.5% bioavailability. [*]

        That means if you use magnesium glycinate (23.5% bioavailable) instead of sulfate (4% bioavailable), you’re getting nearly 6x more magnesium, even at the same dose! 

        And while glycinate is the best form of pure magnesium in most stores, 23.5% bioavailability is still very low. Most single-mineral supplements just don’t absorb well. 

        That’s why it’s so important to look at bioavailability, and not dose alone. 

        Your Minerals Must Be Delivered Correctly to Reach Your Cells

        It’s not just getting the right form of a supplement. Delivery method matters too. How supplements are delivered makes a big difference to their bioavailability.

        Plain oral supplements (ones that you take by mouth) have to survive your digestive process, make it into your gut, pass your intestinal wall into your bloodstream, and finally, go through the filter of your liver before they finally reach your cells. With each of those steps, more and more of the supplement is lost. That’s why most standard mineral supplements have under 30% bioavailability, and many have under 10%. [*][*][*][*]

        Delivery methods for high-quality minerals protect them from digestion and your liver enzymes, which that helps them absorb through your gut lining and get into your cells with minimal loss. 

        One option is to take liposomal supplements—supplements that are packed inside a protective layer of fat. Liposomal supplements have higher bioavailability, but they’re also expensive. A month’s supply of a single liposomal mineral supplement will run you $30-$60, and your body needs more than a dozen essential minerals. Those costs add up quickly!

        That’s why BEAM Minerals takes a different approach. We offer full-spectrum mineral supplements that contain every mineral your body needs, in the right ratios for your body,, with close to 100% bioavailability. It’s possible because we’ve leveraged nature’s best delivery system: humic and fulvic substances. 

        BEAM Minerals: All The Minerals You Need, with Maximum Bioavailability

        We’ve taken a different approach to mineral supplements. Instead of selling you ultra-high doses of single minerals and hoping that 10%-30% of them get absorbed, our supplements have all the essential minerals your body needs, in one place, with close to 100% bioavailability. How can that be?

        Our supplements are derived from a natural organic-based compound, which is one of the most mineral-dense substances in the natural world. It’s called “Humate” and is the result of ancient decomposed rainforests. We take humate and extract two essential mineral molecules called humic and fulvic. Together, they replenish all your body’s mineral stores at once. In fact, they represent Mother Nature’s Technology for mineral replenishment – and are used by all cellular systems on earth.

        • Fulvic complexes are flavonoids, which provide enhanced transportation for minerals into your cells – where they can make a difference.  
        • Humic complexes bind to cellular waste and toxins like heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants, pulling them out of your body and decreasing inflammation and cellular stress. [*] When your system is less stressed, you use fewer minerals [*]—which means the fulvic substance replenishes your mineral stores even faster. 

        Together, humic and fulvic mineral complexes make a difference you can actually feel. They’re also easy to take: you just swallow ½  capful of liquid from each bottle of Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST, every morning (don’t worry; they taste like water). With BEAM Minerals, you can refill all your mineral reserves in 30 seconds a day. 

        When it comes to mineral supplements, bioavailability matters most. That’s why we’re trying to change the conversation from “How much” to “How bioavailable?” 

        We’re offering a better approach to mineral supplements. Give our humic and fulvic mineral substances a try—you’ll feel the difference!

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