It’s a Fact: You Can’t Get the Minerals You Need From Diet Alone

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It’s a Fact: You Can’t Get the Minerals You Need From Diet Alone

Minerals play an important role in most of your body’s systems. They affect your focus, mood, memory, energy levels, resilience to stress, muscle function and recovery, and more—so it’s not surprising that mineral deficiencies can make daily life a lot harder than it has to be. 

Normally, your body stores minerals you get from food and water, then uses them as needed to perform essential functions, like repairing muscle or building neurotransmitters. But thanks to changes in food and soil quality over the last hundred years, most of us don’t get enough minerals to keep our stores full. 

Many people think they can get what they need from their diet, but the fact is, that even if you eat very well you can’t get everything from food alone.  

According to recent research:

Overall, more than 90% of Americans don’t get adequate minerals from diet alone. 

When you’re low in essential minerals, daily life can become quite difficult. Low mineral stores can cause: 

  • Food cravings. Magnesium deficiency destabilizes your blood sugar, making you more likely to have food cravings. 
  • Brain fog. A 2017 study found that magnesium, calcium, and phosphate deficiencies can cause brain fog and impair mental clarity. 
  • Fatigue. A 2020 review concluded that low zinc, iron, and magnesium can all cause fatigue. When you don’t have enough of these minerals, your brain cells struggle to produce enough energy and can’t communicate properly.  
  • Decreased muscle recovery. Your muscles need zinc, magnesium, and potassium for muscle synthesis, and a recent large-scale review found that being deficient in any one of them significantly impairs muscle repair. 

If you’re constantly tired, get sick easily, fight through brain fog, suffer from inflammation or allergies, your system could simply be telling you that it’s in mineral depletion.  Without healthy mineral levels our body’s struggle to gain and maintain healthy functions, which can lead to all sorts of chronic symptoms.

But if you replenish your mineral stores effectively, giving your body the basic cellular fuel it needs to function properly, everything else can start to fall into place. Then you may experience your nervous system calming, your mind clearing and your focus returning.  You may be surprised to find yourself dreaming of possibilities again and feeling like you have the energy to take on Life.  

That’s why we we’re called BEAM Minerals, because our products help people come alive from the inside.

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