How Do Humic Substances Work?

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How Do Humic Substances Work?

Humic substance (also called humic complex) is one of the most powerful natural detox supplements in the world. It’s a potent adsorbent compound derived from soil that’s used for everything from black mold poisoning to general cellular health. 

But how does humic substance actually work? And why is it such a strong detoxifier? 

Here’s a look at what the research says about humic substances, and how you can use them to get rid of toxins so you look and feel your best.

What Is Humic Complex?

Humic substances come from humate, a component of soil. 

Humate is the result of thousands of years of plant matter breaking down and depositing vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other precious substances into the soil. Over time, these substances accumulate, and eventually they form humate, one of the most mineral-rich compounds in the natural world. Humic substances (and their counterparts, fulvic substances) are purified forms of humate. 

Together, humic and fulvic compounds make up the most valuable parts of humate. They’re highly absorbable, mineral-rich, bioactive compounds that can support energy levels, brain function, detox, sleep, and more. 

Humic complex is particularly effective as a detoxifier. Here’s a closer look at how it works. 

Humic Substances Help Your Body Detox

Humic is an adsorbent detoxifier. Humic molecules are large and they attract many common toxins, much like a magnet attracts metal. Once a toxin reaches a humic molecule, the humic molecule pulls the toxin into its interior and binds to it so it can no longer roam free in the body, and deactivating the toxin so it can’t do any more damage to your cells.  

Because of their molecular size and adsorbent characteristics, humic molecules can collect a large number of toxins this way. Once they’re full of deactivated toxins, humic molecules pass through your system and you excrete them, getting rid of those toxins for good.  

Here are a few of the toxins humic can help detox:

  • Mold and mycotoxins. Humic substances adsorb black mold and mycotoxins, and have been used to remove mold toxins by both hospitals (for mycotoxin poisoning) [*] and farmers (for pulling mold from contaminated feed and protecting cattle) [*]. 
  • Herbicides/Pesticides. Several studies have found that humic substance successfully binds to and deactivates herbicides and pesticides (including glyphosate, the most common and destructive herbiicide used today). [*][*][*]
  • Heavy metals. A 2014 study found that humic molecules successfully bound to and deactivated a variety of heavy metals. [*]

Humic substances are also 7-10 times more adsorbent than activated charcoal or clay, making them one of the most potent detoxifying agents in the natural world. [*]

Take Humic and Fulvic Complexes for Total Mineral Support 

Taken together, humic and fulvic substances are a powerful supplement duo that support energy levels, brain function, detox, weight loss, and more.

Fulvic substance provides a full spectrum of minerals, strengthening your body and brain with essential cellular nutrition.  

Humic substance, meanwhile, detoxifies by carrying unwanted elements out of your body, decreasing stress and inflammation so you can feel your best. 

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