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Mineralize Your Body = Fuel Your Year

Do you want to optimize your body and mind this year?

If so, one of the easiest things you can do is to start taking minerals every day. Every single cell in your body uses minerals to function, and the truth is that most people aren’t getting enough of them. 

In fact, a 2022 study from the CDC found that 97% of Americans are deficient in at least one mineral, and nearly 70% are deficient in two or more. [*

The good news is that it’s easy to restore your body’s mineral balance. Here’s how a full-spectrum mineral supplement can make a huge change in how you feel this year—all with a 30-second addition to your daily routine.

Mineral Deficiency Is Like Living with the Lights Dimmed

When you’re short on minerals, your body doesn’t work the way it should. Your cells don’t have the raw materials they need to function efficiently.

As a result, mineral deficiencies affect almost every system in your body. They can lead to:

  • Hormone imbalance. Minerals are essential for synthesizing every major hormone in your body. When you don’t have enough, you struggle to produce the right hormones. [*][*][*]
  • Weight gain. Mineral deficiencies decrease your metabolic rate, slow fat loss, and increase your risk of metabolic syndrome and weight gain.  [*]
  • Poor sleep. Mineral deficiencies (especially magnesium and potassium deficiency) impair your sleep quality and prevent you from being fully rested, even if you get a full eight hours in bed. [*][*]
  • Faster aging. Research shows that mineral deficiencies speed up the aging process by impairing your mitochondria and making your cells decay faster. [*]
  • Brain fog. Minerals are especially important for your brain. Mineral deficiencies can impact learning and memory, [*] mental clarity, [*] and overall energy production in the brain. [*]
  • Physical and mental fatigue. A 2020 review concluded that common mineral deficiencies (especially magnesium, calcium, and phosphate deficiencies) cause people to fatigue faster, both physically and mentally. [*]

When you’re mineral deficient, everything you do is a little bit harder. You tire out a little faster, it’s a little more difficult to focus, you don’t quite feel rested in the morning, you struggle to reach your goals—it’s like you’re going through life with the lights dimmed. 

But a good mineral supplement can brighten every aspect of your daily life. Instead of functioning at 40-50%, you suddenly feel your full potential. Every part of daily life feels easier.

But replenishing your mineral stores will brighten every aspect of your daily life. You’ll feel better at a baseline level and everything you do will be just a little bit easier. 

That’s how a good mineral supplement can make this your best year ever—with just a 30-second change to your daily routine. 

A Simple Way to Level Up Your Daily Life 

At BEAM Minerals, we offer the simplest, most effective way to refill all your body’s mineral stores at once. 

Traditionally you would get your mineral levels tested at a medical office, then take a cabinet full of pills and powders to try to correct any deficiencies. Then you’d retest a few weeks or months later and change your supplement routine accordingly. It’s a long and expensive (and tedious) process. 

We’ve taken a different approach. Our full-spectrum mineral supplement gives you every essential mineral your body needs, in the right ratios, with close to 100% bioavailability. It gradually replenishes all your mineral stores at once. 

The key is that our mineral supplements are made from humate, an ultra-rich source of minerals found where ancient rainforests have decomposed. Humate forms over thousands of years, as plant matter breaks down and deposits its nutrients into the ground. Over time, those nutrients aggregate into humate, in the form of a black crystalline substance. 

We take that humate material, purify it, and extract all the minerals and antioxidants into a super-absorbable liquid form that naturally contains everything your body needs. 

The result is that you can replenish your minerals with a one-ounce shot of liquid (don’t worry; it tastes like water). It takes 30 seconds every morning and is an incredible way to enhance your body at a cellular level. 

So why not make this year your best one yet and add minerals to your morning routine? You’ll feel the difference after your first dose and you’ll be amazed by how much more effective you are in your daily life. Start refilling your mineral stores today!

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