Boosting your Libido with Minerals

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Boosting your Libido with Minerals

Boosting Your Libido with Minerals

You’ve probably heard about mineral supplements for sleep, stress, and immunity—but what about minerals for sex?

It turns out minerals are an effective (and simple) way to increase your sex drive. A lot of the underlying biology that drives libido relies on minerals, from hormones to blood flow, and a good mineral supplement will enhance your sex drive more than you might expect. 

Here’s a look at how minerals affect libido, and how you can use a mineral supplement to improve your sex life. 

Minerals to Support Testosterone Production

Most of us think of testosterone as a male hormone, but it’s essential to libido in men AND women. Testosterone is one of the main hormonal drivers of libido, and is often prescribed to both men and women with low sex drive. [*][*][*][*]

Minerals play a major role in testosterone production. They’re co-factors for testosterone synthesis as well as distribution, and mineral depletion is strongly associated with lower testosterone levels. [*][*]

  • Magnesium increases testosterone production and enhances cellular access to testosterone. [*] Conversely, low magnesium decreases testosterone levels [*] (and more than 60% of Americans have low magnesium, while 45% are clinically deficient[*]). 
  • Zinc is essential for testosterone production. It plays a central role in fertility, especially in men, and even marginally low zinc levels (on the low end of the “acceptable range” in standard zinc tests) leads to lower testosterone, [*] while a zinc supplement increases it for both men and women. [*][*]

    • Selenium works as a co-factor alongside zinc, and is also important for both testosterone production and fertility. [*]
    • Boron increases the bioavailability of testosterone (and estrogen in women). [*]

    You use a variety of minerals to create testosterone and giving your body the raw materials it needs, can support your testosterone levels and increase libido. 

    Minerals for Enhanced Blood Flow

    After about age 35, blood flow to sex organs begins to decrease for both men and women. For men it translates to decreased erection quality, [*] while for women it causes decreased lubrication. [*] Both can make it more difficult to have sex. 

    A number of minerals regulate blood flow. Magnesium, potassium, and sodium all work together to normalize blood pressure and promote even blood flow throughout the body. [*]

    Minerals also affect nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator—it widens blood vessels, allowing more blood to pass through—and is the main biological driver of erection quality for men. [*] Research shows that trace minerals—the variety of lesser-used minerals the body needs—are essential for nitric oxide production, and deficiencies in trace minerals correlate with low cellular nitric oxide expression. [*]

    It’s not just your hormones that control sex drive. Your physical biology needs to work properly too. Minerals regulate both, which is why they have such a major impact on sex drive. 

    Boost Your Libido with a Full-Spectrum Mineral Supplement

    A 2022 national medical survey found that 97% of Americans have at least one mineral deficiency. [*

    Almost all of us are short on minerals, and the minerals that support libido—magnesium, potassium, zinc, boron, selenium, and others—are among the most common deficiencies in the U.S.

    If you want to replenish your minerals and increase your libido, you could get your mineral levels tested and supplement with a bunch of single minerals. But that can take weeks of testing and retesting, multiple doctor visits, and a cabinet full of supplements. 

    That’s where BEAM Minerals comes in. We offer full-spectrum mineral supplements that contain every single mineral the human body needs, in ideal ratios, with close to 100% bioavailability. 

    Our liquid mineral supplements are derived from humate, a mineral-rich component of soil. Over thousands of years, plants break down and deposit their minerals into the ground. Humate forms as those plant minerals aggregate and form a black, crystalline substance. 

    We take humate, from ancient decomposed rainforest deposits, and extract it into two ultra-potent liquid supplements, called humic and fulvic complexes. Together, these supplements provide every single mineral your body needs, delivered in a liquid form that’s far more absorbable than the rocks, shells and bones from which most standard mineral supplements are extracted. 

    BEAM Minerals liquid supplements taste like water and you can use them to replenish all your body’s mineral stores in 30 seconds every morning, without the need for a cabinet full of pills and powders. 

    Give BEAM Minerals a try. They’re a powerful way to support testosterone production in your body and bring vitality back to your sex drive. 

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