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What is RoundDown?

We are citizens who are aware of a growing body of research that shows the correlation between glyphosate use in agriculture and the degradation of human and animal health. Further we are interested in the growing quantity of research that describes and explains the specific biological pathways and mechanisms that lead to that degradation. Finally we are citizens who dream of a world where glyphosates are no longer used.


Our Mission is:

  • To promote and support research to better understand the biological pathways and the mechanisms of action affected by glyphosates in our soils and food supply
  • To raise awareness about the potential consequences of increasing quantities of glyphosates in our soils, food supply and bodies.
  • To be a meeting ground for people and organizations that are working in all areas of glyphosate-related research, education and remediation, as well as glyphosate-correlated health issues.
  • To support and educate people about solutions that remediate and remove glyphosates from our food system, our bodies and world.


Please provide your information so we can share with you as we learn...


We promise to NEVER share or sell your information to others.


Thank you!